What is Hemolymph ?

It is a fluid more or less equivalent to the blood on a functional level in some invertebrates. It circulates freely throughout the body while men circulates in the blood vessels (veins, for example).


What is Diastole ? Blood movements in your body and heart blood pumping functions are very critical. As you know when someone under heart attack, blood sending and receiving process stop and cause to dead of the person.

Diastole phase is the expansion of the heart when its cavities are filled with new blood, prior to eject blood (called systole). Is determined by measuring blood pressure in both diastolic pressure and systolic pressure. To do this, it uses an inflatable cuff called "sphygmomanometer".


What is Ketoacidosis? its very important to know ketoacidosis when you study about blood histology and physiology.

Ketoacidosis is phase decompensation advanced type 1 diabetes leading to acidification of blood and the presence of derivatives of acetone in blood and urine. It causes fatigue, nausea, difficulty breathing and, without treatment coma.


Blood. One of the three important liquids of live. Blood , Water and sperm. Blood is basic important thing cause human and most of living things require blood.

Bloood fluid is circulating in the blood vessels. Blood is consisting of a liquid (plasma) in which bathe the figurative elements. The most important liquid organic which irrigates all organs, provides oxygen and nutrients and removes waste. Blood is composed of 55% plasma and 45% of cells, red blood cells, white cells and platelets.