blood in vertabrates and invertabrates

In vertebrates, the circulating fluid, or blood is kept within a closed circulating system, whereas hemolymph is the circulating fluid of animals with open circulatory system, for example insect.
The coelomic fluid of some invertebrates also has a circulatorry role instead of blood.
The function of blood.
Respiratory pigments in blood.
Transport of nutrients
Circulate hormones
Blood clotting
İmmune reponses
Phagocytosis of dead cells and foreign materials
İmportant pH buffer system
Constituents of blood can confer antifreeze properties.
Heat exchange
Blood volume is 6% in cephalopod mollusks, 3-16% in vertebrates, and 30% or more in arthropods.
In animals having open circulatory system, the blood volume is only a fraction of the extracellular fluid volume but blood volume is only a fraction of the extracellular volume for animals with a closed circulatory system.
Hematocrit value
Plasma volume, cell volume

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